ERMC technology arm is working in the following major technology and service delivery sectors:

  • Organising data warehousing.
  • Performing data manipulation and cleansing.
  • Data mining.
  • Customer application management.
  • Customer behaviour management.
  • Collection and payment delinquency management.
  • Decisioning and bureaux services.
  • Fraud and money laundering.
  • Audit of existing infrastructure, data warehouses and reporting capabilities.
  • Advice on regulatory reporting and conformance with the Basel Accord.
  • Assistance with planning and project management for closing identified gaps.
  • Hands-on work on achieving the above goals.

Data integrity

ERMC addresses the complex needs of organization that manage numerous customer interactions through various communication channels by using CRM analytics and delivering customer focused expert services. ERMC delivers operational excellence in application processing, binding decisions and authorisations. Based on our expertise a real-time messaging system with embedded bureau searches delivers into the clients systems: conditions, prices and decisions. Overall, our solutions reduce turnaround time, s.a. product time-to-market: 5 days, strategy change: 1day, application decision: 1min. Business benefit: Improved efficiency and cost reduction as a result of resourcing, automation, removal of manual underwriting and outsourcing processing and administration.