INTICS ERMC is a part of INTICS Group since March 2007. The company plays significant role in the Group growth and success.

Together with SAS Institute, ERMC was amongst the sponsors of IDC Business Intelligence Roadshow. About 150 professionals participated in the conference, all from the banking, government, corporate, and telecommunications sectors. The conference was titled “Business Intelligence and Performance Management: Realize Your Potential Today”.

Plamen Petroff, Managing Director of ERMC and Waldemar Schneider, Professional Services Manager of SAS Institute were presenting Enterprise Intelligence Platform enabling Performance Management. SAS®9 Enterprise Intelligence Platform offers an integrated, flexible, standards-based, centrally managed, intelligence environment that gives companies the power to optimize and extend the value of their Business Intelligence investments with ease.

Exeter Risk Management Corporation became consulting partner for the SAS Insitute in 2006. The main focus of the partnership agreement is to bring business intelligence and analytic services into the Bulgarian market. This aligns with the European expansion strategy of SAS, as well as, the aim of ERMC to offer the same level and quality of service in the UK, Central and Eastern Europe, as it is already delivering in the UK. Both parties recognise the potential for growth and welcome the opportunity for jointly offering their products and services. ERMC addresses the new market opportunities and the need for transformation throughout the industry. This complements our latest developments in intelligent modelling, decision strategy and operational optimisation with the ability to offer the full technology architecture and intelligence solutions to drive efficiency and results.

The SAS Institute are the leading provider for Business Intelligence and Analytic Intelligence worldwide. Since 1976, SAS has been giving customers around the world The Power to Know® .

Plamen Petroff, MD of ERMC was speaking at a conference known as the HBOS Credit Development Academy. His presentation was part of the Analytics session titled "New Concepts in Predictive Modelling". Other speakers included Kate Davies from CML, Prof. Lyn Thomas from University of Southampton, Peter Tutton from CAB, Prof. Adrian Furnham from UCL, Janice Newell from SAS. The conference was the first time when ERMC represented its latest development in intelligent modelling, decisioning and strategy optimisation.

HBOS plc is a major provider of financial services and was formed in the 2001 following the merger of Halifax and Bank of Scotland.

Fadata, one of the leading global providers of software solutions for the insurance industry, and ERMC, a leading provider of business solutions for the Financial Services industry in UK, have entered an INSIS partnership agreement. ERMC will leverage its organization to implement and service Fadata INSIS solution, to ensure a complete and effective implementation in respect of the uniqueness of Fadata Customer in the UK and of the competitive and regulatory environments that the Fadata Customers are in. Initially the focus of the partnership will be in UK, where ERMC currently are servicing many financial institutions. “Consolidation and increased competitiveness have brought new challenges for insurance companies. The insurance services world is constantly changing with new products. Many regulatory initiatives are now in front of the door. To do this, advanced insurance businesses need to use flexible, yet integrated software systems. We are very excited to become a partner of Fadata and we are looking forward to a very inspiring relationship. Companies looking for a modern package that fully supports their current business and that has the flexibility to support their future business requirements will find in INSIS a truly unique insurance management solution.”,  says Plamen Petroff, Managing Director of ERMC. Boyko Kotchev, Vice President of Fadata said “UK is an extremely strategic area for Fadata. ERMC will be an excellent addition to our INSIS partner network and will greatly assist us to grow our operations there”.