Financial Services

Industry Challenge

Consolidation and increased competitiveness have brought new challenges for financial institutions. Everyone in the banks, from customers to managers is looking for accurate information to manage risk.

The financial services world is constantly changing, with new products and ways of looking at risk. Many regulatory initiatives are now in front of the door, such as Basel III, Sarbanes-Oxley Act, and MiFID. The overall goal of the regulations is strengthening capital standards, and to identify and protect financial institutions from risk of failure.

ERMC Solution

ERMC works with banks in the areas of:

  • Strategy Management.
  • Marketing and Customer Management.
  • Analytics, Collection and Recoveries.
  • Credit Risk and Operational Risk, and
  • Basel III compliance.

Using our expertise in data management we quickly and effectively analyse the quality of your data sources. We build statistical propensity models based on this data to identify specific group of customers. We present the outcome to the people that need it the most within the bank.

We have been working with many banks where we proved the compliance of our delivery model. It includes bringing data to the decision makers however the real art is the analytical models and decision support solutions to ensure an ever-deeper knowledge of a credit risk management model to comply with Basel III requirements and to strengthen the bank's competitive edge.