Left Align• Corporate audit and advice on Governance, Organisational Structure, Policy and Procedure Framework. Compliance with AML, SOX and the Basel Accord. (Pillar II and disclosure inclusive).
• Strategic Planning and assistance with tactical implementations on Basel III, Economic Capital, Balanced Scorecard and maximising shareholder value.


Right Align• Audit of existing scorecards, rating methodology, IRB and models for Pillar I. Stress testing and validation.
• Credit Risk model development and deployment. Full customer lifecycle scorecards suite.
• Forecasting, Profitability, Risk-Based Pricing. Asset Quality Planning. Loss forecasting, Profitability modelling and Economic Capital.
• Score-based strategy implementation and operational policy and procedures.


Left Align• Audit of existing infrastructure, data warehouses and reporting capabilities.
• Advice on regulatory reporting and conformance with the Basel Accord.
• Assistance with planning and project management for closing identified gaps.
• Hands-on work on achieving the above goals.